On Call: How do I insert a new call from a Device, when my schedule is already created?

Say you are On Call and it's the weekend and no one is in the Office.  Your calls are already set for the day.  You are currently in between calls and then a customer contacts you and needs service urgently.  How do you add in the new call even though you see a call scheduled on your Assignments screen?

Say you have a call at 11:30 which you have not dispatched to and the current time is 11:35.  You can still add in a call before this (which we will explore below) !

When you use the Customer Search/Add Job feature, set the Scheduled time to an earlier time, even if that time has passed.  

In this example the current time is 11:37 am and your next call is scheduled for 11:30 am, so we are going to set up this new job with a time of 11:00 am.

Notice now that this job you just added jumped in front of the call you previously saw.


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