How do I assign a Form to a technician to be filled out?

When you assign a Form to a technician to be filled out, this is called a Response. The instructions below will show you how to create a new Response.

1.  Login to

2.  Scout Forms will direct you to the Forms page where you will need to select the form that you want to assign to your technician.  Locate the form and click the "New Response" button to the right of the corresponding Form.

3.  Fill in all of the fields, and click the Save button in the upper right hand corner. 

Assigned User:  Who is to fill out the form

Assign to admin upon completion:  Who you want the form to get assigned to after it is completed

Response Description:  This is where you will add Customer Details or the "Job Instructions"

4. You'll now be able to find the assigned form on your Responses page.


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