How do I build a Form?

  1. Click on Forms in the Main Menu.

2.  Press the "Add" button in the lower right hand corner, to add a Form. 

This turns yellow when you hover over it.


3. Here you can add in your Title and Description for the form, as well as add in different sections to the Form.

The 4 Available features are as follows:



This will add a new "Field,"  More on the types of "Fields" below.

Page Break 

This will simply add in a page break or line break to the Form.


This will add a spreadsheet style field to your Form.

Rich Block

This is how you can add a block of Text, which has rich formatting.


This will add a picture file as a static piece of information to a Form.


What are the different Field types?

Below shows each Field type -

1. To get started, click the Sections button to add a new section.


2. After you add in a Title for the Section, choose if you'd like the format of the section to be vertical or horizontal by using this button:


3. Next click the plus button to add a new Field.

Here is an overview of what all of the Fields look like, with examples for each -


Assessment List, Currency, Date, Date Time, Email, Image, Image Capture, Long Text,

Number, Range, Rating, Select Multiple, Select Multiple, Select One, Short Text, Signature Capture, Telephone Number, Time Punch, Toggle, Url



Assessment List





Date Time



Image Capture

Long Text

Number Field


Rating (Stars)

Select Multiple Choice

  Please note that there is a preview at the bottom of this window.


You are able to choose whether this will display horizontally or vertically. The horizontal setup looks like this:

While the vertical setup looks like this:

Select One


Preview of this set up vertically:

Note: You are also able to make this a Horizontal question as well, which looks like this:

Short Text

Signature Capture

Phone Number

Time Punch




Once you have completed a form, you are able to preview it. The preview button is on the top right, which looks like a magnifying glass. You are able to test the form as well from here.


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