Pointman 9.6.3 Release Notes

Feature Improvements

  • The Material Cost has been added to all Pricebook Items
  • Employee Hourly Rate field added to all Employees
  • Using the newly introduced Hourly Rate and Material Cost fields, Job Costing calculations (such as Labor Cost as a percentage of Sale, Material Cost as a percentage of Sale, Gross Margin and Gross Profit) will now be visible on the Job Details page as well as the Job Scorecard Report
  • Dispatchers and Admins can now Clock In and Out while logged into! Their times will be tracked in the Time Clock Report alongside of your Technicians in the field
  • Improved the user experience in situations where Quickbooks Online gets disconnected from Pointman
  • Improved verbiage across Pointman to maintain consistency and clarity
  • Improved the user experience in situations where a visit is being resized to a shorter duration or moved to a conflicting time
  • General UI improvements

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with confirmation emails/texts 
  • Fixed an issue in which communication settings were not being preserved on a Visit level
  • Fixed a rare issue in which duplicate payments were sending to Quickbooks Online when two send actions were taken back to back in a short timeframe
  • Fixed an issue in which live credit card transactions were not able to be refunded through the Payment Terminal itself (only from the Invoice)
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