How to run Employee Time Clock Reports

  • Click the Reports button.
  • Click "Employee Time Clock Reports".
  • Set the date ranges, time period and employee(s) from the dropdowns if the default is not what you want a report on.
  • Click "Run Report".

Note: In the lower right-hand corner that you can press the green Download  button and you can capture a spreadsheet of this report.

There will be times where the clock in/out field is empty for an entry.  This is because the time does not fall into the set date period.  
For example, Clock in at 11:59PM on 1/1 and clock out at 1:10AM on 1/2.  If you have a report for 12/1 - 1/1 the clock out time won’t be on there. You may experience this with weekly reports or even monthly reports.


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