Pointman Version 8.5.3 Release Notes

Below are the items that are included in this release:

  • You can now filter all reports to quickly see Yesterday.
  • You can now select a "Cancellation Reason" when canceling a job using the App.
  • You can now search / view archived jobs.
  • You can now change the accepted proposal date on a proposal if there is not a signature with the acceptance.
  • Speed up searching and overall system performance when you have a large pricebook in the system.
  • You now can see why a credit card transaction fails for decline or missing / incorrect information.
  • Technicians using the app can now "Unpostpone" a job in the App.
  • Restored "Open" and "Print" options to the Invoice PDF screen.
  • You may now change the Sales Tax Vendor to match your Quickbooks Desktop account to apply tax to the correct Vendor.
  • Various Bug fixes and system improvements. 
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