Viewing Content Blocks as a Customer

Content Blocks are used for your "Fine Print" that you want to be seen on proposals, invoices, payments screens or all of the above. You can read our article here on how to set those up. 

But how and where are these visible to your customers? 

Content Blocks for Invoices will appear on the bottom of an invoice that is sent to your customers with their payments due. Many users like to include their payment policies, Terms and Conditions, etc. 

Pointman allows you to set up content blocks for proposals that will appear before a customer signs off. This comes as a request from many of our users that customers want to see the "Fine Print" BEFORE they accept a proposal and sign off on it and not just on the final invoice. 

In the screen shot below, we can see the proposal is open and just beneath the signature, the content blocks are displayed, so whether you send this proposal via email or whether your tech is showing the proposal via their device in the field the customer is able to see those blocks before they sign off. 




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