The Notification Icon

Every once in awhile you might see a red icon appear in the top black header bar. This notification is only for dispatchers and Admin users and will only display when you have a notification. Otherwise it will disappear. The below image is what you will see when you have a notification. 




This notification can mean a few things:

  • You have a Failed WePay Transaction (Customers credit card was declined for some reason on their end- need to contact your customer)
  • Failed Withdrawal (the money was not successfully transferred into your account - you'll need to log into WePay)
  • You have a proposal that was emailed to a customer that was approved or rejected

Once you click on the Alert icon you will see the corresponding message.

You can either click on the message you want to review or you can open the full Alert Center. 

You can click on View to see more about this message or open the invoice or you can click the X. 

Dismissing the message will remove the message from all shared alert centers. This means that when one of these alerts come in all dispatchers and admins will see the alert until it's cleared. Once the X is hit, the message is removed for everyone. You will be prompted with an "Are you sure?" message before it's removed. 

You will also notice that the Icon will appear on your settings gear as well, pointing you to the right area that requires attention. 


If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 

Phone: 800-566-6940

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