Scout version 1.4 Release Notes

Feature Enhancements:

  • A Customer list has now been added to Scout
  • If you are an Admin, you can grant Users the permission to Add or Edit customers
  • You can now attach a customer to a Response
  • A Bulk Customer import has been created for the Scout Support Team. If you would like us to help you import your Customer list, please contact us at
  • New Field: The Assessment field has been added to Scout. This is a colored list of options that you can customize which will allow Users to be able to assess specific instances. For additional information on using this field, and many more, please check out this article here.
  • Integration with Zapier has been added to Scout. This allows you to connect with many common applications, such as Google Sheets, Slack, and Xero. More information on this coming soon! 

Bug Fixes:

  • The buttons for Responses and Forms have been swapped for an improved user experience
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Archive button to not be displayed on the Responses page
  • Added a Time Zone to the Date/Time field on Responses. 
  • Fixed an issue that allowed you to send a PDF email of a Response even though it could not be Marked as Complete due to required fields not being filled out
  • Resolved a number of minor bugs in the Responses and PDF Responses by improving Multi-Column Functionality. This may result in your fields being ordered slightly differently then they were previously.
  • Fixed a bug on Android that was making it difficult to type a Phone Number in the appropriate field
  • Improved Touch responses on Android and iOS devices (including Content Blocks on iOS)
  • Added a missing confirmation message when adding a Scout User without selecting any permissions
  • Removed an additional loading icon that appeared in certain scenarios
  • Fixed an issue that allowed a password to be updated before the User is saved
  • Improved messaging and functionality in the Forgot Password feature
  • Improved formatting on Currency fields

Released to both Google Play Store and App Store on iOS



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