How do I fill out a form?

  1. Log into Scout Forms app

2. Upon Login, you will be brought to the Responses tab of the main menu.

3. Select the Response you wish to fill out, by simply tapping on it. 



4. Start filling out a Form.  

*If you need to stop or walk away at any point, be sure to press the save button first.  

5. The save button is at the top right of the screen. It will be highlighted in Yellow when you hover over it. Choose the Save button to save your progress.

6. When you have completed the entire Form, select the Complete button (Checkmark) shown below. This was mark the form as completed.


7. If you'd like to email the form, as soon as you select the Complete button, a new window will appear with an Email field.  Enter the customer's email address and select "YES". This will then be sent to their Email address! If you don't want to send a copy to the customer, select 'NO' to continue.


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