How do I download Scout to my Android or iOS Device?

1. Open the Google Play Store, and type "Scout Forms" in the search bar.


2. Approximately 3/4 of the way down, select "Scout Forms" published by Pointman. Tap on this icon:

3. Tap the green Install button, and select "Open" when this is done downloading/installing.

4. You can tap "open" directly from the Play Store or go to your App Drawer and open Scout, which will then take you to the login screen:

To install on iOS:

  1.  Go to the App Store on your iPad/iPhone

2.  Search for "Scout Forms" in the App Store

3.  Click the cloud icon to download the app.  Note: if you've never downloaded the Scout Forms app using this Apple ID before, there will be a Get button in place of the cloud icon.  Click the Get button.

4.  Click Open to launch the Scout Forms app on your mobile device.

5.  You will now be at the Scout Forms login screen.  Use your created/assigned email and Password to log into Scout Forms.


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