How can I view my Unassigned Visits on the Map?

When you open the Map feature of Pointman, you will be able to see all of your Employees, Assigned Visits and Unassigned Visits by default.

If you'd like to see only your Unassigned Visits on the Dispatch Map, you can simply check/uncheck your preferences.

The Map will change according to the options you have selected.

In order to see where your employees are in reference to unassigned jobs select both the Employee box and the Unassigned Visits box, you'll then be able to see the icons of your employee and a plot for where you have jobs unassigned and select and employee that is closest to that location. 

In the above image you can see we have the employee boxed check and the unassigned visits. Therefore only jobs that are scheduled with a date and time, but have no technicians assigned will show up, and we can see the employee that is logged into his device that is closest to an unassigned job, then we can go into that job by clicking on it, and select the visits tab and assign that job out to that employee.

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