Field Nimble Version 8.4.1 Release Notes

New Features:
-A Jobs report is now available on the reports dashboard (was previously called the invoice report, its been added back by request but relocated to the reports section) it includes a few new fields. Learn more Here. 
-An Efficiency Report has been added to the reports dashboard. To learn more about this report, what it does and how to use it please Read Here. This Article also includes information on the Sales and Invoicing reports as well.
-Scroll bars have been made more user friendly and intuitive across all computers and devices
-Nearby Now Customers will notice new styling to the checkin and Review buttons
-The Configuration Screen is now referred to as Settings. Read more about this section of the app here
-Pressing the phone number on the assignment screen will open the phones dialer and allow you to make calls directly from the app
-The Map section now also shows Unassigned Visits so you can see where your employees are in reference to a visit. To read more about this feature click here.
-Office employees can now change passwords on behalf of their technicians. Read how to do this here. 
-Invoices/proposals now shows an "Accepted On" Date whenever there is a signature
-When adding a NEW job, the property bubble is now defaulted in the search rather then the customer bubble
-The "Show More" button in all searches will now retain your position for scrolling down


Bug Fixes:
-Sales Reports no longer cut off after 6 technicians
-Using multiple tags no longer produces visual errors
-Performing a global search allows you to finish typing before the search fires 
-Changing business hours will not interfere with the dispatch board
-Entering new tax codes allow you to chose from a provided list or add new
-Invoices that split into two pages will no longer cut through the signature box
-Searching for exact item numbers should return those result on top
-Other various bug and internal fixes

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