Selecting Customers and Properties when creating new jobs

When you create a new job the very first screen will be to select the Contact and Property that this job will be servicing. Upon hitting the add new job button on the dashboard you will be brought to this screen:

You can see the options to create a new property, and a new contact. If you are creating a job for a NEW customer, or someone that you know is not yet in your database, then you'll start by clicking New Contact, and adding their information: 

Once you add the contact information, you'll be moved to the Property screen to add the first associated property to this customer. 

If your customer already exists, use the Customer or Property search to locate them, as shown in the first image above.  Go ahead and just start typing the customers name, or you can toggle to the other bubble and search by the property. 

Upon searching, the system will return any results that have your search words as part of the name. For example, If you search "KE" You might pull results for someone with the first name Ken, or Jake as both include a KE. The more specific you get the more drilled down your search will become. 

If you find the customer you want to add to the job just click on their name. Upon selecting the customer, Pointman will auto select them and the property address associated with that person. If the Customer has more then one property associated with it you'll need to select the property you want to service for this job.

Hit "New Job" and continue creating your job. If you need more help walking through the next steps of scheduling a job please read this article. 


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