The Settings Screen

The new Configuration is now referred to as Settings. It is located in the same position as before and is indicated with the gears Icon. When you open that screen it will automatically open to the Organization Information, under the General Settings. 


When you toggle through each of the main headings, a list of sub-sections will appear in bold. 

The main function of the Settings screen is still to set up your company or to edit information about your company, employees, price book, jobs, or integrations. The screen jumps around a little as you toggle through the menu and it might take some getting used to. This change has allowed Pointman to incorporate more sections for you to customize about your company set up in a more user friendly manner. 

If you're having trouble setting up your company, trying reading through our Training Outlines. We have several articles targeting the different sections of the Configuration Screen that may help you out when setting up your company. And if all else fails, contact our support team and someone will walk you through each menu. 

If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 

Phone: 800-566-6940

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