Field Nimble Version 8.3.0 (Android) and 8.3.1 (iOS)


  • Significant User Interface Improvements have been made across the entirety of Field Nimble, mostly designed at improving performance and usability on different sized Phones. 
  • This also includes new formatting for the Settings and Configuration in the web version of Field Nimble
  • Improved the functionality and look of the Reporting tab, which now offers Invoicing and Sales charts and graphs to go along with the data tables.
  • Tax will now be displayed on the Proposal in cases where Tax is collected in order to show the customer the final price at the Proposal step. 
  • Technicians can now set a job as taxable in App.
  • Improved the process for adding a Job to a Contact with only one property. The Property will now be selected automatically.
  • Added the ability for a Dispatcher to edit the timecard punches on a Completed or Cancelled Visit. This cannot be done from the Field Nimble App.
  • Improved the view of the Job History, consolidating the information into a single section making it easier to navigate through. The filters are also improved and should make for a smoother process when looking for previous jobs. 
  • Improved the “Email History” section at the Job Level, which now includes the Proposals that are sent, as well as the status of the email.
  • Added the ability to remove the Billing Address in the Dropdown on the Contact Screen
  • When adding a new Property, the state will default to the same state listed under your Organization

Bug Fixes:

  • Various Bug Fixes

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