Field Nimble Version 8.0.0

New Features:

-One click customer detail viewing from the dispatch board. Just click on the job you want to view and select "View Details" to view basic customer information without having to open the entire job. 
-"Copy" Button on the dashboard has been renamed to "+1 Add Visit", so you can now add visits to other techs without duplicating the original visit.
-Techs can now postpone visits from mobile app and add a postponed reason. They must cancel or complete a job to move on to the next appointment.
-Techs can now get a glimpse of their entire day of jobs and any incomplete jobs from previous days by clicking on their Profile picture/avatar and clicking on "My Day". Read how here.
-Multiple users can be added to calendar events. For more on the new calendar event feature from our last release click here. 

Bug Fixes:

-Custom Fields created by individual companies are now searchable in the global search function.
-Fixes to the Help button - some users reported this did not always work for them.
-Any issues viewing visit time stamps have been corrected

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