How do I add Media to a Proposal?

When building proposals, you are able to include any corresponding files or images along with a proposal. This can include a warranty card, informational PDF or image. 

First, you want to tap your Configuration button, then Pricebook, and then Media.


If you have existing media, it will appear. You can edit the name and the image/file you had previously uploaded if need be.

Simply tap the blue Plus button on the top right. You can add an image, video or document. 

Once it's added, you can then add this media to your Proposal templates. You can go to Configuration, then Pricebook, and then Proposal templates. Select the template you'd like to add media for.


Click the Media tab, and then the blue Plus button. You can either add a new media option that doesn't exist yet (if you want to add something 'on the fly' or use a file/document you have added via the Media tab in Configuration.

Once added, these will then appear in your Proposal template. 

We're looking to update this feature in a future release to make it easier to see these images on both the company and customer facing sides.

If you require further assistance, please reach out to the Support Team using any of our channels - 

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