What are Job Types and how do I set them up?

Setting up different Job Types accomplishes many important functions within Pointman. First, different Job Types can all be set up by the type of service or task they are to accomplish, for example, is it a maintenance call, an install job, an Estimate etc. You can assign each type of job its own color, so when you see it on your dashboard you can immediately see what types of job you have going on that day. 

In the screenshots above, we have many different types set up so we can very clearly define the type of services taking place. You might notice some companies even create job types for vacation days and meetings so they can place those activities on their employees dashboard and they know the tech is busy. 

The next part of Job Types, is that when you are creating them, you can assign them to a specific department for billing purposes, which we covered in our Department Set up article

Job Types will also have you create a Duration

This is so you can set the amount of time this particular task usually take in order to complete. An estimate might only be for 1 hour, where an install might take 4. When you schedule a new job and you select the Job Type, it will automatically default that amount of time on your employees schedule. When creating the job you can always modify the time if the default is too high or too low, you can also edit the time right on the dashboard with a simple drag and drop. It's not a permanent number, but it will help you when scheduling to block off appropriate amounts of time. 

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