Understanding the Map/ GPS Location: Technician Navigation

Pointman offers the feature for the Service Techs to use navigation when working in the field and traveling from one location to the next using their preferred device map navigation.

Using the Field App navigation feature:

When an employee logs into Pointman,  if the location services are not turned on Pointman will prompt them that they need to visit their settings and enable this before being able to use the feature. They will get a pop up that looks like this:

After visiting the settings and enabling this feature, (Read here how to complete this part if you are unsure how to proceed in your settings) You can then launch the navigation feature in order to proceed to your next job.

Navigation begins in the status window, so once a tech sees their next job on the screen they can click Continue Job to proceed. 

The first Screen shows them all the options of working through a job, starting at the first button, Status, they can dispatch themselves to the job. 

Once they select Dispatch it lets the office know that the tech is on their way to the job, it is at this point the technician can hit Start Navigation in order to get turn by turn directions using the defaulted Map App on their Device.

*Note this will take them out of the Pointman Application, but they will be able to see "Pointman" in small type at the very top of their screen to return to the job they were in, or they can just tap on the App again to re open where they left off. *

Selecting Start Navigation will automatically launch their Map App on their phones or tablet and will proceed through navigation as you normally would. Once you return to the field Pointman the Tech should mark themselves Onsite and can proceed through the job menu screens. 

Pointman also has the feature where Administrators or those in the office can have a clear view of GPS tracking and where their employees are currently. Read Here how to use that GPS Feature. 

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