How do I create a Proposal, and how can I add Proposal Options?

  1.  Log into Acquire. From here, select the "Proposals" button. 
  2. Now select the circular plus button on the bottom right. You can choose a customer by either typing their name in (it will autofill), or if they're a new customer you can select the plus icon on the far right.
  3. You can now title your Proposal, and below that add the scheduled date/time.
  4. Tap the save icon on the top right, and then the circular plus next to it to add a Proposal Option.

9. Choose a Template from the pop-up screen.  You can always choose a blank template called "New Proposal Option", which will always be the top option by default:

To find out how to create Templates, please click HERE.


  • Make any changes you may need to make to the template.  
  • Add more Templates as needed by again pressing the + button.


  • When you are finished, press the Save button
  • The Present Button will display the current proposal in a way that will look very similar to how a Technician will show it to a customer in the field using a tablet.


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