How do I build a Proposal Option?

1.  Log into Acquire

2.  Tap on the Templates tab

3.  Tap on the + button in the bottom right hand corner

4.  Add a Title to the Template, and then begin adding Line Items.

To add line items to the template, simply tap the + button

When you tap the + button, a list of all of your available pricebook items will appear.  You can search through the pricebook, and check as many items to place onto the proposal as you'd like by checking the box to the left of a given item.

Once you've selected all of the items you'd like to be on the proposal, tap the 


 button in the lower right hand corner.  

5.  After you have the items on the proposal, you can modify the following of each item:

  • The prices
  • The quantities
  • The item name
  • The item description
  • The item number
  • Upload or capture a photo of the item

6.  When you're finished, you can Save the template by tapping the button in the top right hand corner.

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