Job Reporting

For running reports on jobs, we've expanded the feature set. 

Click the 'Reports' tab on the lefthand side to view all of our currently available reports.

Here, you're able to run a report based on jobs:


You can sort this report based on many different options, including:

Created by
Created Date
Invoice Date
Due Date
Job Number
Invoice Number
Job Type
Customer information
Contact email/mobile phone
Contact address
Total amount of each job

If there's a column or dataset you don't want visible on these reports, you can click the 'choose columns' button on the righthand side and uncheck those you don't want.

If you are looking for additional information on a specific job here, simply tap the 'view' button. This will open the Invoice for that specific job.


If you'd like to export this information, simply check the invoices you want to export and tap the 'download' button. 


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