Field Nimble Version 7.2 Release Notes

Field Nimble newest product updates and bug fixes as of August 7, 2017


** Reminder that if you are not running the latest version of the Field Nimble App either on IOS or Android you will need to update in order to see many of these changes take effect. If you need help updating your App read how to here.**


-New styling layout for contacts, properties, and job menu
-New layouts for left side navigation panel and organization set up drop down menu
-Ability to track current locations of employees and open jobs via GPS
-Smaller more consistent fonts on invoices
-Prevents finalizing two invoices with the same invoice number
-Pinch zoom in/out is no longer restricted on IOS
-Updated visuals when there are multiple content blocks
-Added a way to delete/archive jobs on the job itself

Bug Fixes

-Increased Global Search function and speed 
-Saving a property and saving a contact now function the same on mobile
-Job History displayed on mobile does not include the current job
-Help (?) should always be launching from mobile devices 
-Content Blocks set to appear on proposals now appear in PDFs and emails

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