How to trigger a Nearby Now Check In and Review Request from the website

Every office teammate can easily start Check Ins and Review Requests naturally when they complete onsite visits from their web browser


Nearby Now is a terrific service that displays technician check ins and homeowner reviews right on your web site. With a live feed of your positive business activity, search engines raise your rank dramatically, leading to more new customers finding you. 

Pointman and Nearby Now share an integration. Let's talk about how to use this feature from the management interface via your web browser.


For any organization with a Nearby Now API Key, every time a technician completes the last visit on a job, Field Nimble prompts them to do one of:

  • Check in
  • Check in and request a review via the contact’s email address (already on-file)
  • Nothing (skip check-in and review)

To trigger the process again, just set the status on the last visit to Onsite, save it, and then set it back to Complete and save it again.

What should I do first?

If you haven't already done it, setup your Nearby Now API Key for your organization.

Try it inside the Management interface

  1. Edit a job on your Dispatch board

2. Open the last Visit

3. Change the last Visit Status from Onsite to Complete and hit Save

5. Next, you get the Nearby Now prompt


  • Optionally correct the Email address, which is defaulted to the Contact’s email address

6. Add detail to the Check Out Message, populated from the Job Type


  • Ideally, something that speaks about the job, equipment, and solution, and win that varies with each job
  • Remember, this is how new customers will find you when they search on their problem
  • e.g. "Installed <mfg> <model> <equip type> to solve <problem>. Resulted in <big win> for <home type>.”
  • Avoid anything that violates the homeowner's privacy

7. Click Check In, Check In & Request Review, or Skip. If you’re not skipping, Field Nimble triggers Nearby Now to do its work, and replies with a success message.

8. You may continue with your work


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