Using The Unassigned Jobs section of your dashboard

The Unassigned column of your dashboard is the first column you see before any of your employees. This is where jobs that are scheduled with a date and time land if they have NOT yet been assigned to a technician. This allows you to place the job in the correct time slot on the calendar and then move the job to an open employee when you see the dashboard. 

Above you can see that a job was scheduled for an exact date and time and so it was placed in the correct space in the unassigned column, so the dispatcher, can see there is a job that needs to be moved to an employee. 

When you click on the job, you can select Move and simply slide it over to the employee you wish to add the job to. Like any job, you can also copy, resize, edit or delete the job as well. The functions of it are like any other job scheduled and the Unassigned column simply acts as a holding place for an employee on the board. 

You can also use the Filter on the righthand side. Here you can select different jobtypes, including Open, Unassigned, Unscheduled, etc.



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