Importing Pointman .IIF file into Quickbooks Desktop

This article will show you how to import the .iif file you previously exported from Pointman. For instructions on exporting the file please click here.

1.) Open up Quickbooks Desktop and click on "File" then "Utilities" then "Import" and select "IIF Files.

2.) Select the appropriate file and click upload. Now the file will be uploaded.
3.) Once the file is loaded in you can click on "Customers" and see any new customers were added with any balance on the Invoice(s) showing.

4.) You can click on Income Tracker and see all of the Invoices and Payments were added.  The payments are not applied to the Invoices so you will have to manually apply each payment to the appropriate invoice. 

5.) Open up the Chart of Accounts and you will see that there is now an entry for Pointman Merchant Processing Fees (or whatever you renamed it to.) This is the expense for the processing fees.

6.) If you go to "Banking" Section and click Make Deposits you will see all of the transactions there to be deposited.  You will note that there will be expenses listed there for each Credit Card transactions processing fees.  This way you can total the CC payment(s) and Processing Fee(s) to match bank deposits. 


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