Exporting Quickbooks File from Pointman

Pointman allows you to export .iif files to be imported directly into Quickbooks. Please follow the steps below to export the information you need. Please note you must have "admin" permissions to complete this. In addition, as with all reports, only jobs marked "finalized" will show up in this report. For instructions on how to "Finalize a job please click here.

1.) Log into Pointman and go to the "Settings" button on the left side. 
2.) Choose the "General" option and then "Quickbooks Desktop Export"
3.) Select the date range you wish to export and click "Run."

All transactions that have not been exported will show up in blue and be checked off on the left side of the report. You will also notice that the Invoices and Payments will show up in separate tabs that you can cycle between.  If you wish to exclude any transactions from exporting simply un-check the items you wish to not export. In addition, if you previously exported files in this date range they will show up not highlighted in blue. If you scroll the report over to the right you will see a column for previously exported to let you know if you already exported these files. By default previously exported files to do not show up for the date range you run. You can include them in the report by clicking the check box for "Include Previously Exported."

4.) After you select the transactions you wish to export from both the Invoice tab and Payments tab click download and it will download a .iif file for you to import into Quickbooks.

Note: Payments for jobs can be exported without the job it's tied to. You MUST finalize the job itself to have the payment appear with the job in Quickbooks.

Please Note: transactions will be marked as exported once you export them out of Pointman.  This, however, does not mean its in your Quickbooks account.  Importing these transactions into Quickbooks is a separate task you must complete in order for them to be in Quickbooks.  The previously exported column is there as a reference point but you should use Quickbooks as your system of record.

Please click here to learn how to import these files into Quickbooks.


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