How can I present my Proposals, and how can the customer accept them?

Once the Proposal is built and the customer has different options to choose from, those will appear here:



Selecting one of these will show the details of each option, as well as an area where they can accept or decline each option at the bottom of each page. They can also tap either the left or right sides of the screen, or swipe each way to change options.


NOTE: The customer does NOT have to sign if they are declining an option. They will need to sign only when they are accepting an option.


When you choose an option, there will be a confirmation for each choice:


If the customer changes their mind, you are able to change which option they decided. They will need to sign to show their approval of this new option.


Presentation Mode:

When looking at a proposal, if you select the below icon on the top right this will enable the Presentation Mode. This is a clearer, more concise view of the proposal to the customer.

You can click either the left or right arrow in the middle of the screen to move between options, view any applicable Content Block information. You can find more information on Content Blocks HERE.

Customers are able to approve or decline each option. You can see what option is visible on the top right of the screen.

You are also able to put each option side-by-side, so the customer can see all the information at once. Tap the below icon on the top right of the screen:

Once each option is either approved or declined, they will look like this:


If you press the following button one more time... will be in the "Compare" mode, which totals all item Prices, and therefore hides the item pricing:


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