How to perform a Happy Check

Note: Training is required for the use of Happy Checks before they're enabled for your company.  Please contact the Support Team if you'd like to use this feature.
Happy check: A follow-up with the customer made IMMEDIATELY after all visits and proposals are closed, and the invoice is marked as complete. This provides an opportunity to address any remaining concerns of the customer; making sure that they are “happy” with the work completed.

Once you're trained to use Happy Check, you will need to:

1. Schedule a job. 

2. Schedule a visit

3. Once all proposals are either completed or rejected and all visits are complete, the job is considered “complete”. After this point, you will receive a notification through Pointman within 15 minutes telling you that the job is due for a Happy Check. 

Note: If you complete this before getting a notification, no notification will be sent. 

4. From here you'll want to go to the “Details” tab within the job

5. Click on “Log Happy Check”

This will allow you to select who the happy check was performed by, along with the date and time in which it was performed. 

Once you've clicked Save your entry will be recorded.  You are able to come back and edit this information if necessary.

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