How do I invite/add employees?

To add your Employees or Techs to your team in Pointman, click on Configuration in the left navigation panel, select General then Employees.

Click on the Big Blue Plus button in the upper right to add a new person. If you are going to be setting up your employees into Teams (for example: you might have an HVAC team and a plumber Team) Be sure to add all your Teams first, so that when you create a new employee you can assign them to the correct team right away. You can see in the screenshot above the Teams selection is right beneath the Employees, you'll add a new Team the same way by hitting the big Blue Plus Button. 

This is the only time you can edit all the information for your Team member. Once you create their account that employee will have to go in and edit the basic information for them self.  Read why here. You will still always be able to edit their Role and their Team. 

***NEW***When adding a new technician, you can now enter in their hourly rate. This is required field.  If you want to learn more about setting Labor Costs for employees, click HERE


Once you enter all the information, click Add. This will automatically send an Invite  email to the email address you entered for the employee. They can then Join your team by accepting the invitation received in their email inbox. If you don't want them to accept the invite on their own, or they do not have an email address to send to, then you can read here, how to create an account on their behalf. 

Once they Join/accept they will show up on your dashboard. 


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