How do I link my Dropbox account to SWRemote to Save Photos and Forms?

  1. Log into the admin website with your credentials (These are the same credentials you would use to register devices)
  2. Tap on the Companies tab on the left.
  3. The second section is named Documents & Photos
  4. Tap on the button labeled ‘Integrate w/ Dropbox’


     5. This will bring you to sign in page.  

     6. Sign into your Dropbox you will be using. (If you do not yet have a Dropbox account, you can create one here)

     7. This should now bring you to a screen that will allow SWRemote to access with your Dropbox account.

     8. Tap Allow

     9. Your Dropbox should now be linked, and the button you had originally tapped should now be red, and say          ‘Disconnect from Dropbox’.  Below the button, you will see your Dropbox's account name listed.  This                  indicates that you are now setup to take, and view photos, and store documents to be viewed inside                    SWRemote.



**Note** Dropbox is the only file storage system that SWRemote uses.


If you wish to link SuccessWare21 to the same Dropbox account, please click HERE.


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