How do I change the number of "Calls to Download" and the number of "Calls to View" in SWRemote?

You can log into our admin website and click Dashboard.


Click on Master Accounts.

Change the Calls to Download / Calls to View appropriately:

Calls to Download
 - This is the number of calls that are downloaded to SWRemote at one time.  If the tech downloads 2 or more jobs to the device in the morning and then loses connectivity, they'll be able to work through their day without having to call for their next job information.

If calls to download is set to 1, if/when the technician loses connectivity, they will not be able to dispatch to the next job until they regain connectivity (and download the new job).  However, this will give dispatch the freedom to change subsequent jobs around in SuccessWare21 without allowing the tech to dispatch to the incorrect job.

Calls to View - This will be the number of jobs to show on the My Jobs screen for the Tech.  If this is set to 1, they will always only be able to see one 1 job at a time on the My Jobs screen, no matter how many jobs are downloaded to their device.  Set this to 1 to prevent technicians from trying to skip to the next job.


  • The next time the techs log out on the devices, they'll download/view the new settings. 

Note: The techs will only be able to view their calls for that day. They will not be able to see any calls for the next day. 

If you want the Techs to be able to see more than one job at a time, please increase the numbers accordingly.  If you want the Techs to be able to see their entire schedule, increase the numbers to at least 10, if not higher.


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