How can the Techs see the changes I made to the Pricebook/New Trucks/Reference Library/New Usernames/Photo Tags?

In order to make these changes you will need an SWRemote Administrative Account to access our Admin Website ( ) . If you don't have access you will need to speak to whomever in your office has access to make these changes.

*You can also use this update to make brand new Trucks appear in the Truck Dropdown on the SWRemote login screen.


1.  Log in to our Admin Website

2.  Select Master Accounts from the Menu


3.  Scroll down until you see the Update Button (below the PayFlow Settings)



4.  Press the Update button and a detailed progress indicator will show when/what is being updated,        along with progress bar..


5.  When the Update is complete, the button will turn green

 6. Final Step (For the Tech's Devices)

  • Pricebook Updates / Reference Book Updates / Photo Tags / new Usernames in the 'add job' dropdown -  Have your Techs go into SWRemote and along the left hand side they will need to press Settings and then press the Force Resync button.  
  • Truck(s) Update / Address Change -  Have your Techs close and re-launch SWRemote to receive these changes.  For more detailed instructions with visuals on how to Quit SWRemote, click HERE .

If a new Truck is still not appearing on the login screen, please review this document:

Adding a new truck to the Truck list at the Log-in Screen



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