Managing your PayFlow Information in SWRemote

This information must be kept up to date with any changes in your PayFlow information.

If any changes are made to the fields below, you must click the Save button to save your changes.

Login to with your Admin Credentials. If you do not have these, you will need to speak to whoever in your Office had them setup first.

Click on Master Accounts along the left hand side


Scroll down to PayFlow Settings -


Typically this is all handled by SWRemote. If you you update your password in the Paypal manager you will need to update it in the SWRemote Admin site and then have the Techs Restart SWRemote. The Password is the link that grants the Techs access to process Credit Cards in the field.

An explanation of text fields -

  • PayFlow Username: This is your PayFlow username
  • PayFlow Password: This is your PayFlow password. If it is changed in PayFlow, it must be updated here, or the Techs will not be able to process cards in the field.
  • Confirm PayFlow Password: Any change to your PayFlow password must be changed here.
  • PayFlow Vendor: This is the vendor information set up when you sign up for PayFlow
  • PayFlow Partner: This will be given to you when you first set up your account
  • PayFlow URL: This will be


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