Managing the Account Settings for your SWRemote Account

Account - This is where you're able to manage various settings on how we connect to your instance of SuccessWare21.  

Note: If you make changes to the fields below, you must click the Save button to save your changes.

  1. Name: This is the name of your company in our database.  This will only change your company's name in
  2. Description: This is the description of your company.
  3. Agent Password: This is the password that we use with our secure connection to your server.  If this is changed without changing the password in SuccessWare21, we will no longer have a successful connection to your SuccessWare21.
  4. Confirm Agent Password: This is a confirmation of the password to make sure we typed it in correctly.
  5. API URL: If your company is on the ASP, this will never change.  If your company is on a LAN, this is the public IP address to the server that hosts your SuccessWare21.
  6. SW21 Master ID: If you need to change your Master ID, you must call our support team at 800-566-6940.
  7. Test Settings: To test your connection of your SuccessWare21 with our server, click this button.  A message will be displayed letting you know if the connection was successful or not.
  8. Update Price book: If you make any changes to your price book and you need those changes sent to our server immediately, after you click the button, the changes will show up on our server within about 5 minutes and will be sent to the devices after the technicians log out and log back in, or re-sync the price book.
  9. Reimport Price book: If a reimport of your entire price book is needed, please call us on our support line first to verify that this is recommended for your company FIRST.


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