Adding a Logo to Printed & E-Mailed Invoices

In order to make these changes you will need an SWRemote Administrative Account to access our Admin Website ( ) . If you don't have access you will need to speak to whomever in your office has access to make these changes.


To add or edit the logo that is printed on any invoices printed through SWRemote on the emailed receipts:


Log in to our Admin Website


Click on Companies

Scroll down until you see Documents and Photos

Click on the Choose File button  

Select the .gif file from your computer that you want to upload

Click the Open button

A thumbnail view of the image will be displayed below the words Current Logo 


To have the Logo immediatly appear on all Invoices going forward, have your Techs go into the Settings of SWRemote and press "Force Resync".  Click HERE for more visual and detailed instructions.

To ensure proper printing, the logo must be uploaded as a .GIF  file.  There is not a specific Size requirement anymore, however you will receive the best results if you keep it around 500x300. You may wish to play with your specific logo and find the best sizing for your image.  You can use a image editing program like Photoshop, G.I.M.P. or Skitch.

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