How Do I Register A Device To My SWRemote Account?

To use SWRemote, your device must first be registered to your company. 

In order to complete the registration, you must have the credentials originally given to the Operations Manager, which log you into the SWRemote admin site.

After you've downloaded the application from the App Store/Play Store, you must enter each of the following on the device registration screen:

Username: This is the same username used to log into the SWRemote admin site

*Password: This is the same password used to log into the SWRemote admin site

Device Name: This is the "nickname" of the device that appears on the list of your devices on the SWRemote admin site. It is simply used as a reference so you can distinguish them in the Device list listed on the admin site.

*Please note, if you don't remember your password for registering/, you must reset it yourself.  The SWRemote support team does not have access to passwords: Click Here to reset your password 



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