Adding a new truck to the Truck list at the Log in Screen

Having trouble seeing a Truck still?, Scroll to the bottom of this document.


  1. Log in to SuccessWare21 as an administrator.  Navigate to the 21 button and Select  Purchasing. Next, Select Inventory Manager (as seen below)


  1. Inside the Inventory Manager Select Stock/Whse tab on the top
  2. Right click on the grid area -> Select New Warehouse


  1. Fill in unique Warehouse No.  and Check the Vehicle box
  2. Fill in a *UNIQUE* Vehicle No. and enter a Description (*NOTE* The Description is what your techs will see when choosing a truck in SWRemote. Also, if you do not fill in a Vehicle Number, the truck will not be visible in SWRemote) and click Save
  3. Log into with your credentials.  Click on the Master Accounts option and then click the Update button. For more information on starting the update, please follow these instructions.
  4. Go into settings, and select Force Logout. You may need to log back in again, but the truck should now be there.

You will now get a pop up asking you to confirm that you want to perform a force logout. 

Note: Do not click yes if you do not have an active data connection, or if you have a pending credit card transaction,


*Having trouble seeing a Truck still?

If two Trucks have the same Vehicle Number, SWRemote will only download the first one it sees.  

Each Truck must have a unique Vehicle Number.

 Also, it is important to note that the Vehicle Manager and the Inventory Manager are not the same thing. SWRemote does not receive any information from the Vehicle Manager, however, the Inventory Manager setup will display in SWRemote.

Trucks are listed as warehouses in SuccessWare21, not just listed as vehicles. If the Inventory Manger in SuccessWare21 is being used and you are logged into a truck, requisitions will automatically be created after completing a job.

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