Why are my Techs sending paid invoices to the customers, yet accounting is reporting that these customers credit cards have not been charged? (Payflow Customers).

If you are noticing that the Techs are sending out Invoices that were paid with a Credit Card, yet your accounting department is not seeing the payments hit your bank, this could mean that your technician did not have an active data connection. If the technician does not have an active connection when they try to authorize the card and when they complete the job, the transaction won't be sent to PayFlow, and won't hit your processor and then your bank.

Before you go back to the customer, you will want to check the PayFlow manager using these instructions, to see if they were able to get the authorization before they lost connection. If they did, the following steps will also allow you to force a Delayed Capture from the authorization and collect payment.


There are a few indicators that can tell a Tech that they lost connection:


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