How do I enable Location Storage in SuccessWare21?

  • Log in to your SuccessWare21 Account
  • Click the 21 button in the top left of the screen
  • Select Setup    
  • Select Company  
  • Select the Other tab  
  • Click Edit on the bottom and then select Location Document Setup
  • Click the checkbox to Enable SuccessWare21 Storage 
  • Using the SuccessWare21 Root Storage Path box, point to your Location Document Storage system. If this is a Mapped Network Drive, it will be a Drive Letter *NOTE* If you are an ASP Customer, this drive letter must be setup to be either S: or T: *NOTE* If you are pointing to the Dropbox client on your desktop, it will generally look something like the below image
  • Once this is all completed and looks like the image below, you can select Test to make sure this is connected properly

SWRemote only connects with Dropbox, so if you wish to see Photos, forms, and documents connecting between SuccessWare21 and SWRemote, you will need to setup your Dropbox location following these steps.

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