How do I set up techs to be able to search schedules on a device?

Open up SuccessWare21 and go into the User Manager. Find the technician in question and open up his user by double clicking. If his Usergroup is RemoteTech orRemoteTechOnCall you can grant the Schedule Search permission by changing them to the RemoteTechManager Usergroup. If they are in a non-RemoteTech usergroup, you can add this permission for the user group by following the steps below. *Note* This will grant the permission to everyone in the usergroup should you follow the steps below

1.  Right click on the grid and select User Groups

2.  In the drop down, select the user group that you would like to change the permissions for

3.  Click on the tab labeled Customer Service - 1

4.  Click Edit

5.  Check the box labeled Dispatch/Close (Call Progress)

6.  Click Save

7.  Have the technician log out and log in.  The Schedule Search button will now be available to them.  To learn how to Schedule Search via SWRemote, follow THIS LINK.

If you want to take the permission away from a user group, you will do the same steps except to uncheck the box labeled Dispatch/Close (Call Progress).

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