How do I setup a Warranty?

To setup a Warranty, it can only be done in SuccessWare21:

  • Open SuccessWare21.
  • Search a customer and open them.
  • Double click Installations.
  • Click on a piece of Equipment.  it will show at the bottom of the screen if there is an attached Warranty.  
  • If it does not have a Warranty and you would like to add one, press the "New Warranty" button.
  • In the bottom left of the screen, press the ellipses button (...) 
  • From here you can double click a "Warranty Type" from the list.

*Note: Also we recommend adding a Task to sell the Warranty.  That way the Tech can put something on the Invoice, as there is no way to setup a Warranty from SWRemote.

Customer Equipment

Even though you can't setup a Warranty from SWRemote, you can still check on Equipment to find out if it has a Warranty assigned to it:

  • Click the Customer button from the menu (You may need to press the Menu/Hamburger button to open the menu).
  • Press the middle Tab labeled Equipment (or will just be the tags icon on a phone.)
  • Warranty's will show in the bottom of the equipment entry.


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