Why aren't my credit card transactions appearing in PayFlow?

This can occur because of two different issues. Please check both of these locations which are located below:

PayFlow credentials in -

  1. Log into
  2. Click Master Accounts on the left side
  3. Navigate to the "PayFlow Settings" section
  4. If there are no credentials in the fields provided, then they need to be setup
  5. If there are credentials, confirm that the PayFlow password matches your PayFlow Manager password.

PayFlow checkbox in -

  1. Click on Master Accounts on the left side
  2. Check to make sure the check box for PayFlow Setup is checked
  3. If it isn't checked, check it and click Save.  You MUST have all techs out in the field terminate the app, and log back in for changes to take affect.
  4. If the box is checked, make sure the techs have terminated the app, and relaunched since the changes have taken affect in


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