Error Message: “Authorization failed: User authentication failed."

Why does this happen?

Either the Password for Payflow associated with you on our admin site, , does not match with the password that is set up in Payflow, or there are only specific IP addresses permitted to take payments set in Payflow.


PayFlow Password Change 

If your PayFlow password is changed in the Paypal manager, it must be updated and saved on our admin site immediately, followed by a restart of SWRemote.  The Password is the link that grants the Techs access to process Credit Cards in the field.

We are happy to update the Password for you.  However you now have the ability to update it yourself.  

To update yourself, you will need to login to then you will click on the 'Master Accounts' on the left and scroll down to "PayFlow Settings".  Plug in the new password and then hit the save button.

Here is a video on the new Admin site that jumps to the PayFlow section:

Once the PayFlow password is updated all of the Techs must Restart SWRemote in order to gain credit processing again -

  • closing apps on iPad/iPhone, click here.
  • closing apps on Android, click here.


Allowed IP Addresses 

This is not common, however, Please verify that there are no "Allowed IP Addresses" configured by navigating to the following in the Paypal Manager: Account Administration tab -> Allowed IP Addresses (underneath Manage Security). If there are any IP addresses listed in the fields, hit the Reset button to clear them out.


If this screen is blank, it is likely that your Payflow password changed - please give us a call so we can update our system with the most up-to-date password.

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