How does SWRemote process credit cards through Payflow Pro?

SWRemote uses a gateway, Payflow Pro, to connect with your processor of choice.  This will enable your technicians out in the field to swipe or enter a credit card and it will be directed at your processor for Authorization and Capture.

How it works:

When a card is entered/swiped it is sent to your processor for authorization.  If approved, the card will remain authorized for the amount until either the end of the job or the technician changes the payment amount.  If the technician changes the payment amount, the first authorization is voided and the technician will be required to enter card information again to get another.  Once the job is complete on the device the payment is then captured and will be settled and batched that night.

What happens in SuccessWare21:

When a payment is captured in the field, both the Authorization and the Delayed Capture transaction ID's are sent along with masked credit card information and the payment amount to the payment screen on the invoice in SuccessWare21.  You will see that the payment is applied to the invoice and will show up as undeposited funds once the invoice is posted in SuccessWare21.  Also, the signature that is captured is saved on the invoice in SuccessWare21.

How the funds are collected:

When a transaction takes place the funds are settled at the time of the transaction and will batch out to your merchant account nightly.  Depending on your processor settings all captured transactions will be batched nightly, usually between 11pm and 2am.  This will show up as deposit into your merchant account.  Again, depending on your processor, this deposit can be one deposit nightly for all card types or could be separate for different card types such as American Express or Discover.


SWRemote creates a Payflow Pro account for each company.  Inside Payflow Pro there is a full suite of reporting for reconciling credit card payments.  There are reports for daily transaction, batch reports, settlement, as well as custom reports you can build.  Batch reports will enable you to confirm which transactions batched nightly and allow you to move payments in SuccessWare21 to deposited funds.  All reports show transaction time, type, date, last four of card, approval, card type, authorization code, etc. as well as Invoice Number.  Invoice number is the same Invoice Number in SuccessWare21 and what is best used to reconcile individual transactions.

Virtual Terminal:

Inside Payflow Pro there is a virtual terminal for completing transactions.  In the Virtual Terminal you can enter card information to do a sale.  You can also do full and partial credits, or you may void a transaction it didn't batch yet.


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