How do I edit Visits on the job board?

Find the job you want to edit and click on it with a single Left click. You will see the following menu:


View Details will just show you basic information on the job.  For example:

Add Visit will let you add additional Employees onto this job.  Once again the cursor will turn into a curved arrow and you can tap on the employee at the desired time to add an additional employee onto the job.


Move will let you you simply move the entire visit/start time of the job.


Resize will let you change the start or end time of the  job, by grabbing either the handles at the top or bottom of the job:


Edit brings you into all of the job details:

To access more of the editable job information, click on the box in the upper left hand corner.


Delete will remove the job from the board and will move it back into the "Unscheduled" box along the right hand side of the screen, unless this job was on multiple Techs.  If the job is on multiple Techs, it will remove this visit from those Techs first, and will not move the job back to the "Unscheduled" box, until it is removed from last Employee.


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