What Permissions do the different User Roles have?


This role gives a user complete access to all settings.  They will see Dispatch (board), Map, Jobs, Contacts (Customers), Properties, Contracts, Reports, Payment Terminal, Settings (configurations).


This role is similar to the Administrator, but they have less permissions.    They will see Dispatch (board), Map, Jobs, Contacts (Customers), Properties, Contracts.

They do not have Payment Terminal, Settings (configurations).  Dispatchers will also not receive certain Site Alerts.

Master Technician

Has all of the abilities of a Technician (see screenshot below Technician heading). Master Technicians can assign any unassigned Visits to themselves via the My Day Menu. 


Has the ability to access all aspects of a job screen (see screenshot below).  Technicians can reschedule jobs as well.


Technican (No Logon)

This sets up up a Tech with all of their User information, but does not require an email.  The benefit to this, is that you can setup all of your users first, and once you have your Devices ready to go out ion the field with a Tech, you can change the User to Technician or Master Technician, which will require am Email, and therefore will trigger the set password email link (which expires after 24 hours).

Former Employee

Deactivates the Employee and puts them into the Former Employees filter.

If a technician is marked Former Employee, any future-dated jobs they are assigned will default to being 'unassigned' for that day.

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