How do I force a delayed capture in PayFlow?

When a credit card is successfully authorized, but the technician loses connectivity before closing his job, you can still process the payment manually with a delayed capture in PayFlow.  Use the following steps to perform a delayed capture:

Log into PayFlow with your credentials

Click Virtual Terminal on the dark blue menu bar at the top.

Click the Multiple Transaction link.

Move the date back to include the last 3 months, leave the transaction mode to "Live" and click Submit.  (Or you can just move the date back to a particular day if you know of an issue that occurred on a specific day).

It will show all the transactions that were authorized but not captured.

Click the check boxes to select all Transaction which you would like to capture.

Press the "Capture" button  

You will now be brought to the Transactions Results page.  The "Response Message" should show as Approved for each transaction.  If this fails, please contact PayFlow support for assistance.

You can verify once you put through the payment that everything was recorded in SuccessWare21 by pulling up the invoice and looking for the authorization number.

If you know the authorization date in question, you can follow these simple steps-

  1. Log into PayFlow with your credentials
  2. Click Report on the dark blue menu bar at the top.
  3. Under Standard, click on Daily Activity
  4. Choose the appropriate Date
  5. Click Run Report
  6. Locate the authorization transaction in question, and copy the TRANSACTION ID
  7. Click Virtual Terminal on the dark blue menu bar at the top.
  8. Click Single Transaction
  9. Change the Transaction Type to Delayed Capture
  10. Paste in the transaction ID from earlier into the Original Transaction ID text box
  11. Click Submit
  12. Make sure the amount is correct, and click Submit.
  13. This will now get you an approval number, and you will now be able to watch for the delayed capture amount to hit your settlement report on the next day.

In order for a technician to receive authorization on a credit card, he MUST have an active internet connection when moving past the Payment screen in SWRemote.  If there is no authorization number, then the tech was not online, and you will need to manually process the credit card.

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