Error Message: Invoice number XXXXXX can only be updated by the primary employee

Why does this happen?

Multi-day job

A tech will receive this error if they are not the primary employee on the job. This can happen due to a multi-day job with multiple techs working the same job, or a different tech finishes the job. Instructions for both scenarios are listed below.

New Tech on an old device
This can also be caused when a previously used device is given to a new employee and the new employee's information has not yet been downloaded by the SWRemote server.  Please Quit SWRemote and relaunch. if this continues to occurs please call the SWRemote support line at 1-800-566-6940.

How can I fix this?

In SuccessWare21, the primary employee on the job must be changed to the current employee so that they can edit the invoice and close out the job.

In SuccessWare21:

Click the 21 icon in the top left:


Click Customer Service and then Call Center (Dispatch):


Select the job on the call center grid that the tech is trying to work on. From here, select the Edit(1) button and then right-click on the technician you want to make Primary.


Select "Make Primary Employee" on this menu and Save when completed.

Here is another way to change the Primary Employee, please click HERE 

In SWRemote (iOS/Android devices):

  1. Click the settings option
  2. If you're on a phone, you will have to click the button with 3 dots on it and then click the Settings button.
  3. Click the Reload Assignments button

Click Yes to confirm the reload.

Click on the job again from the My Jobs screen

The technician will now be able to add items to the invoice.



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